Our New Look

Cheers to our first blog!

The new year is only a couple days ahead and we decided to ramp up our brand and website.

If you're reading this, you've known about Frosted Pumpkin for a while and you've gotten used to our look. We decided on changing it a bit so we can keep up with the ever changing trends in digital marketing; so new words like SEO popped in - it's what happens when you search for us on Google, of course, we want to be one of the first ones you'll see.

We updated our logo a little bit, made it more modern while still using our classic F.

Drawing inspiration from the old logo, we decided to keep the vined-F emblem but we made some refinements to infuse a contemporary and sophisticated essence.

This will hold its original identity, keeping brand recall for past, existing, and future customers.

We also added a couple of logo variations we can use depending on the occasion.

Our new look sets the stage for our mission and vision:

Our mission is to make meaningful bonds and unforgettable experiences with our clients through our delectable creations.

Our vision is to fill every bite with love and happiness. We aim to build trust with our clients as we work on the perfect cake that will be the centerpiece of each celebration. We imagine a world where our delicious cakes bring people together and create lasting joyful memories.

At Frosted Pumpkin, we aspire to be a part of your heartfelt celebrations, creating not just cakes, but create masterpieces crafted with an outpouring of passion and boundless creativity.

We envision ourselves as artisans of happiness, sculpting each confection into a radiant centerpiece that symbolizes the significance of your special moments. With every slice, we hope to infuse the essence of love and warmth into your gatherings, leaving a lasting impression.

Let us be your companions on this enchanting journey of celebrations, where laughter, tears of joy, and fond memories converge into a breathtaking spectacle of love. We'll make your special moments unforgettable through our delightful creations.

Check out our newly designed website; browse around and see our creations that has impacted weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Special thanks to Creative Pandas Design for helping us make this happen!

Watch out for our next blog which will tell the true story of how Frosted Pumpkin came to be.

'Til next time!

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