Our Story


The name "Frosted Pumpkin" was inspired by a James Taylor song which explains the connection between Fall and Winter - that signifies the gingerbread cookies that kept them going through the slow times.

Twenty two years ago, with a desire to start a family, Karyn and Jeff uprooted their successful specialty cake company in New York to slow down life's hectic pace and start a family in the south (Georgia).

Frosted Pumpkin became a symbol of their love, creativity, and commitment to family. For over 30 years, Jeff and Karyn have been working side by side, finding harmony in their shared passion and distinct roles. Despite challenges, their enduring love, partnership and dedication proved that they could create something truly remarkable.

20 Awards from the American Culinary Federation

Karyn's journey towards her passion began in her childhood, fueled by her mother's recognition of her artistic talent. Her mom inspired her to turn her love for creating wedding cakes into a career. After years of experience, she decided to take the leap and establish her own business. Jeff, on the other hand, was feeling the itch to step away from the bustling city kitchens and find a new adventure.

Together, they embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. Jeff took charge of the day-to-day operations and business development, ensuring that Karyn's creative talents thrived.

Winner of the New York Guild of Chef’s Award for Professionalism & Creativity

For over 30 years, Frosted Pumpkin transformed from a garage operation to a substantial kitchen adjacent to their home.

Now living in a suburb north of Atlanta with two adult daughters, Jeff and Karyn have taken their passion to a whole new level. As owners of The Frosted Pumpkin Wedding Cakes - they bake and design breathtaking wedding cakes, grooms cakes, and special occasion cakes.


Our Community

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet has a special place in our hearts for the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Egleston Cancer Center. Starting in 2003 and then for several years, we spearheaded a variety of efforts from toy collection to care packages for parents and siblings of patients.

Creekview High School Track and Field

For 14 years, Jeff has coached track and field starting at King’s Ridge Christian School and then the Creekview Youth Track club. For the last 7 years, he has been with Creekview High School as a lay coach for hurdles and sprints. All of Jeff’s coaching activities have been volunteer.

Our Troops in Combat

Jeff and Karyn share a true appreciation for our men and women in combat and have participated in a variety of events benefitting the armed services. It began with granting the wish of a service man's young son by donating Gingerbread Men to his battalion serving overseas in Iraq. They have also participated in gifting a complete wedding, including the wedding cake to a military couple. Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet continues to show our support to the armed services by offering a 10% discount to all military personnel.

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