Frosted Pumpkin quoted in “Atlanta Journal Constitution”

Couples wary of Sept. 11 nuptials

The rites of wedding business are bearly screeching to a halt this week. With Sept. 11 falling on a Saturday for the first time since 2001, one of the most popular times of the year for "I do" has turned into a big "I don't."

Across the country, caterers, photographers, DJs and every other businesses with a stake in nuptials are reporteing a sharp drop of business. In Georgia, more than 500 weddings were scheduled for last Saturday and for Sept. 18, according to the Know, a New Your-based wedding planning and media firm. Only 134 are scheduled for Sept. 11.

"When people hear 9/11, they aren't thinking about weddings, they're thinking about tragedy," said Jeffrey Schwerzler, co-owner of Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet, a cake company in Alpharetta. Schwerzler and his wife, Karyn, typically whip up 8 to 10 tiered confections each week for wedding reception and parties. Only 2 are on tap for this Saturday. September has become a popular month for getting hitched, rivaling June. The loss of one Satuday might not seem like a big deal for the $72 billion wedding industry, but it has had an impact on businesses and brides alike.

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